Light N' Stormy - Classic

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Redefined Wefts

A revolutionary manufacturing process that combines advance machining and traditional hand-tied methods to create the lightest feeling wefts on the market.

Approximately 25g of double drawn hair, 12 inches wide, and can be cut anywhere along the attachment without the risk of shedding or unraveling making Redefined wefts the most customizable wefts on the market.

Thinner at the attachment by up to 40-50% compared to traditional hand-tied wefts.

Manufactured with no return hair (mustache).

Up to 50% greater hair density than traditional hand-tied wefts.

Recommended Usage Guide:
- to add fullness to fine/medium hair: 2-3 wefts
- to add fullness to thick hair: 3-4 wefts
- to add length and fullness to fine to medium hair: 4-6 wefts
- to add length and fullness to thick hair: 7-9 weft

Classic Wefts

Our classic wefts feature distinct cut-points that allows for easy customization. Stylists can simply cut the weft outside the cut-points to allow excess strands of hair to shed up to the cut-point, reducing the over all width of the weft.

Our Classic wefts are the lightest feeling traditional hand-tied wefts on the market today. Each weft is individually sold and weighs approximately 20grams.

PLEASE NOTE: Cutting directly on the cut-point will cause the entire weft to eventually unravel.

Recommended Usage Guide:
- to add fullness for fine to medium hair: 2-4 wefts
- to add fullness for thick hair: 4-6 wefts
- to add length and fullness for fine to medium hair: 6-8 wefts
- to add length and fullness for thick hair: 10-12 wefts

Redefined Tapes

Introducing Redefined Tape: Elevate your hair extension experience with our luxurious, game-changing product.

Redefined Tape is unlike any other tape you've encountered. Its unique qualities set it apart:

  1. Soft and Moldable: Unlike classic rigid tapes, Redefined Tape is soft and moldable, ensuring a comfortable and natural feel when worn.
  2. Customizable Size: You have the flexibility to cut Redefined Tape anywhere you desire without worrying about shedding, allowing for a personalized and seamless blend with your natural hair.
  3. Natural Appearance: Our tape features hair that extends all the way to the base, perfectly mimicking real hair and creating an extraordinarily natural look.
  4. Color Compatibility: You can easily color over the base of the tape to match your desired shade, achieving a flawless and harmonious finish.

Key Usage Highlights:

  • Hybrid Application: Redefined Tape is a fantastic choice to combine with your wefts, especially in the delicate frontal areas where hair is most fragile. It provides added support and a natural look, ensuring the safety and integrity of your hair extensions.
  • Single or Double Sided: Versatile in application, Redefined Tape can be used either as a single or double-sided solution, catering to your unique styling preferences.
  • Brighter Money Pieces: Elevate your hairstyle by using Redefined Tape to create vibrant and eye-catching Money pieces, adding a touch of luxury to your look.
  • Efficiency and Customization: Say goodbye to time-consuming installations. With Redefined Tape, you can complete a full head of tapes in 30 minutes or less. Our 12" sheets allow you to customize the size to your specific needs, ensuring a hassle-free and tailored experience.
Product Details

Each weft is 100% virgin, human hair. They are uncoated and silicone free with have full cuticles intact as well as double drawn to maximize volume and density. All raw hair is ethically sourced. All wefts are 25g while tape wefts come in 30g sheets.

Light N' Stormy - Classic

Light N' Stormy - Classic